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The greatest
selection of 
lizards, frogs
and salamanders

Silly Axolotls is a website dedicated to my axolotls Zeus, Hephaestion, Ziggy, Haku, Charles, Eugene, Zazu, Captain Grouch and Bananalotl.


The purpose of this site is to provide caresheets and information on axolotl care, as well as showcase my photos of them, and to prove that axolotls are knobs. They are ridiculous creatures, both cute and ugly, stupid and surprising.


I am happy to answer any questions at any time, so don't hesitate to contact me.


The shop section is limited to New Zealanders only, as the permits and laws against exporting axolotls is out of my league, as a small business. Axolotl pellets are also available, please check the facebook page or contact me directly for availability.


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